Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation

THE CULTURAL RESOURCE DIVISION is responsible for coordinating the research design, field recording, analysis strategies, and reporting on cultural resource, archaeological, historic preservation, paleoenvironmental studies, and related projects. Our cultural resource specialists also provide management plan development, ethnographic research, site interpretation development, cultural resource compliance training, and museum exhibit development. Staff members are professionally qualified to perform cultural resource investigations on federal, state, county, municipal, and private lands throughout Arizona as well as California, Utah, southern Nevada, New Mexico, and in the Four Corners region.

Professionally qualified to perform all types of cultural resource management investigations, ACS has completed approximately 1,200 such projects throughout Arizona in the past 10 years. ACS projects have ranged from small Class I literature reviews, construction monitoring, historic building National Register eligibility assessments, and Class III survey projects to small and large testing projects. ACS has also successfully completed numerous multisite, multiyear, multispecialist data recovery projects, interpretive programs, historic context studies, National Register historic district nominations, management plans, and damage assessments.

ACS Cultural Resource Services 

  • Literature and site file (Class I) reviews
  • Project and report reviews for agencies
  • Cultural resource surveys (Class II and III)
  • Excavations (testing and data recovery)
  • Archaeomagnetic sample extraction
  • Human osteological excavation and analysis
  • Archaeological monitoring
  • Prehistoric artifact analysis
  • Management plan development
  • Research design and work plan development
  • Traditional Cultural Property assessments


ACS holds numerous permits for archaeology throughout Arizona and parts of New Mexico. These permits include a Blanket Permit from the Arizona State Museum (2008-008bl), which includes a curation agreement, and an Arizona Permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (AZ-000151). Information on ACS’ other permits is available on request. In addition, ACS has on staff at least 17 archaeologists with M.A. or Ph.D. degrees who meet the Secretary of Interior’s guidelines for professional archaeologists, several of whom also maintain Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) status.

Historic Preservation and Historical Services

In addition to a complete suite of prehistoric cultural resource services, ACS also provides a full range of historic resource services, including architectural history, archival research, oral history programs, historical archaeology investigations, historic property documentation, historic preservation planning, and State and National Register eligibility evaluations and nominations.

ACS Historic Preservation and Historical Services: 

  • Historical archaeology
  • Historic artifact analysis
  • Archival research
  • Historic context development
  • Architectural history
  • Historic building assessments and surveys
  • Oral histories
  • Historic building and property histories
  • National and State Register assessments and nominations
  • Tax Credit Applications for historic properties
  • Assistance with Historic Structure Reports (HSRs)
  • Historic preservation planning
  • Educational curriculum development
  • Interpretive exhibit and video development