Procure AZ

Procure AZ Service descriptions:

Ecological Investigations:

• Writing and reviewing biological clearance reports including Biological Reviews, Evaluations, and Assessments
• Writing and reviewing biological sections of NEPA documents
• Safe Harbor Agreements
• Biological fatal flaw and alternatives analysis
• Biological surveys including general wildlife surveys and threatened and endangered species
• Biological monitoring
• Biological construction site personnel training
• Botanical surveys including native plant inventories and ASLD Native Plant Stumpage Fee assessments

Archaeological Investigations

• Cultural resource site file and records searches
• Cultural resource Class I (literature review), Class II (sample) and Class III (100%) surveys
• Traditional cultural property (TCP) assessments
• Cultural resource monitoring
• Research design and work plan development
• Treatment and discovery plan development
• Testing and data recovery fieldwork
• Archaeomagnetic sample extraction
• Ethnographic research and interviews
• Management plan development
• Prehistoric artifact analysis
• Bioarchaeological excavation and analysis
• Interpretive exhibit and video development
• Educational curriculum development
• Site damage assessments

Environmental Impact Studies, Assessments, Statements:

• NEPA CEs, EAs, and EISs
• Program Assessments, Design Concept Reports
• Environmental Feasibility Analysis
• Environmental project management

Historic Preservation:

• Historical archaeology
• Historic artifact analysis
• Archival research
• Historic context development
• Architectural history
• Historic building inventories and documentation
• Oral histories
• Historic building and property histories
• Local, State, and National Register assessment, nominations, and updates.
• Assistance with Tax Credit Applications for historic properties
• Assistance with Historic structure Reports (HSRs)
• Historic preservation planning
• Cultural Landscape Reports (CLRs)

Phase 1 Environmental:

• Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESAs)
• Asbestos and lead-based paint sampling
• Hazardous and solid waste program development
• Facility due diligence and compliance assessments

Water resources: Hydrology, Groundwater:

• Aquifer protection permits (APPs)
• Clean Water Act Sections 401 and 404 certifications
and permits
• Arizona and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System (AZPDES/NPDES) permits
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention plans (SWPPPs)
• River assessment and monitoring
• Applied fluvial geomorphology