Postcard: CSI and Archaeology?

This photograph shows a petroglyph boulder at an archaeological site near Lake Pleasant, located northwest of Phoenix. A similar petroglyph boulder was reported missing from the site in April 2003, and a criminal investigation ensued. ACS conducted the site damage assessment, which involved identifying, photographing, and remapping the features at the site, and documenting the damage around the location of the original petroglyph boulder. Fortunately, the petroglyph boulder was recovered in September 2003.

Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we offer services for conducting crime scene investigations and damage assessments at archaeological sites. Principal Investigator Lourdes “Lilly” Aguila, a Registered Professional Archaeologist with over 15 years of experience in Southwest archaeology, was trained by Archaeological Resource Investigations to conduct these investigations under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. If you need assistance with an archaeological violation case, or any other cultural resource management services, please contact Lilly at 480.894.5477 or use our contact form.

ACS is a certified woman-owned business enterprise incorporated in the State of Arizona that provides a wide range of cultural resource, environmental management, and GIS services. We collect, analyze, and interpret data to meet the needs of our clients, the requirements of regulatory agencies, and the highest standards of cultural resource, environmental, and GIS communities.