Postcard: Geomorphological Overlook above the Agua Fria River

The pictured geomorphic landform is one of several Pleistocene paired terraces above the Agua Fria River located just north and west of Phoenix. With a large watershed to the north, the Agua Fria has brought a variety of rock types to the area, forming the river terraces. Sediments on this terrace consist of brown . . . → Read More: Postcard: Geomorphological Overlook above the Agua Fria River

Postcard: Blanketflower

The pictured flower is Blanketflower (Gaillardia) a member of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae), arguably the World’s largest family of flowering plants. A close inspection will reveal that the bee is liberally dusted with pollen; bee pollination is critical for seed production in Blanketflower as well as many . . . → Read More: Postcard: Blanketflower

Postcard: Beavertail Pricklypear

The pictured flower is Beavertail Pricklypear (Opuntia basilaris), a usually spineless pad cactus found in western Arizona and parts of Utah , Nevada , and California . The magenta flowers are fairly large, typically between 5 and 7.5 cm across. Ethnographic data indicates that Beavertail Pricklypear was . . . → Read More: Postcard: Beavertail Pricklypear