Cultural Resource and Biological Review, Pipeline Repair Project, El Paso Natural Gas Corp.

ACS conducted a cultural resource survey and a biological review for a pipeline repair project in Quartzsite, Arizona, on behalf of the El Paso Natural Gas Corporation. The archaeological survey recorded a historical trash dump, which was mapped with intact items identified, but no significant sites. The principal concern relative to biological resources for this project was the presence of the Sonoran desert tortoise (a federal and Arizona species of concern) and the mountain plover, a federally proposed threatened species (at that time). ACS also surveyed for exotic weed species (in particular Brassica tournefortii), which potentially could have invaded the site following the original ground disturbance and would, therefore, be likely to proliferate as a result of the upcoming repair project. No Brassica tournefortii or desert tortoises (including burrows) were found in the project area.