Archaeological Investigations, Metro Light Rail Project, Metropolitan Phoenix Area, Metro Rail

ACS was selected to perform the cultural resource studies for the construction phase of the Valley Metro Light Rail project. ACS monitored construction at various locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area (Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa) and completed a four-month-long archaeological data recovery program at Pueblo Grande and a six-month-long data recovery program at La Plaza adjacent to Tempe Butte. Fieldwork, prehistoric and historic artifact and environmental analyses, additional archival research, and report preparation will continue until 2010.

Use of a GIS integrated with daily and weekly field mapping updates allowed ACS to manage the logistics of both monitoring and data recovery activities during the course of this project. In all, some 38,000 data points were collected by either mapping-grade GPS or Total Station which documented locations of monitoring activities as well as excavation strategies and findings. Use of the field mapped data within a project-wide GIS allowed project managers to efficiently allocate field personnel, track construction activities, and augment upward reports on progress to clients and consulting partners. Post-field, GIS was utilized in distribution and temporal studies for artifact analysis. Map creation included analysis and distribution maps, overview maps, site maps, and detailed feature and profile maps for use in the final reports.