Archaeological Consulting Services – A Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc. Company provides a team that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by each project we work on. Bring a project-management-based approach, efficient scheduling, staff continuity, and in-house analytical and GIS capabilities which all contribute to our ability to undertake concurrent projects of varying size and complexity and complete those projects on time and within budget. We understand that our staff is the foundation of our 40+ years of success and leverage our knowledge and expertise to provide creative solutions to our clients’ complex challenges. Margerie Green (Ph.D. Anthropology, Arizona State University, 1982). Founder. Contract and business administration, business development, hiring, and quality control. Cultural resource management and lithic analysis. Member Arizona State University School of Human Evolution and Social Change Center for Archaeology & Society Advisory Committee. Former member, Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission (former Chair, Professional Competency Committee); former President Arizona Archaeological Council. Contributing to ACS’ success since 1977. Keith W. Scoular R.G. (M.A. Geography, Arizona State University, 1978; Registered Geologist, Arizona). Keith has over 40 years of professional and technical experience in various aspects of environmental and safety compliance, hazardous materials and waste management, hydrogeology, site assessments and remediation, and project management. Clients have included state, county, and municipal governments, and private industry including agricultural chemical companies, auto manufacturers, explosive manufacturers, and mining companies. Over the last 10 years, Keith has been actively involved in water education efforts, especially related to the Colorado River, and he has helped lead 11 water resource tours of the Lower Colorado River. Contributing to ACS’ success since 1999.

Brad Dilli (M..A. candidate, Center for Geographic Information Systems and Modeling, University of Melbourne, Australia; B.A. Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder, 1985). Director of Information Services. Computer system management, database design and management, spatial analysis, GIS, GPS, business development, archaeology. Contributing to ACS’ success since 2000.

Andrea Gregory (M.A. Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, 2000; Registered Professional Archaeologist). Director of Cultural Resources, Historical Services Lead, Paleoenvironmental Studies (PES) Lead, Faunal and Shell Analyst. Project management, prehistoric and historical archaeology, paleoenvironmental data integration, prehistoric and historical faunal analysis, prehistoric marine shell analysis, and freshwater mollusk analysis. Historical building and property inventories, archival research, and assessments; member of the Tempe Historic Preservation Commission. Contributing to ACS’ success since 2000.