GIS on a Major Utility Line, Maricopa County

Under contract to a utility company, in conjunction with senior project management and with input from BLM advisors (whose land we were working on), ACS GIS staff created a project-specific geodatabase for data collection, processing, and storage between late 2014 and 2016. This geodatabase allowed the Compliance Inspection Contractor (CIC) to more easily and accurately capture the nature and scope of construction disturbance. ACS also used this project as a pilot program to test the suitability of a mobile GPS and data collection system. An ACS ArcGIS Online organization page was implemented and utilized in conjunction with the ESRI ArcGIS Collector app. Construction disturbance and associated data were collected using both this new system and a handheld Trimble data collector and compared for accuracy and ease of use. Utilizing this new system allowed the CIC access not only to helpful reference datasets, but also real-time data updates when needed.