Environmental Services, ADOT Environmental On-Call, Jacobs

As a subcontractor on Jacobs’ multi-year on-call contract with ADOT, ACS is responsible for biological and hazardous materials clearances for highway construction and maintenance projects. These projects include road widening, bridge rehabilitation, highway repaving, mapping and evaluation of material source and stockpile locations. ACS has been assigned over 130 projects since the first quarter of 2005. For these projects, ACS provided biological clearance reports, ADOT PISA reports, and/or lead-based paint or asbestos-containing material sampling and reports. ACS has a great record of turning these projects around on-time and within budget, with two staff members receiving ADOT’s “Going the Extra Mile” certificates for their “willing and ready attitude to get the job done.”


Biological Clearances-ACS has completed over 25 biological clearance projects for this on-call contract. Most of these clearances were completed with Biological Review reports, but several required Biological Evaluation reports. For each of these projects, ACS conducted an on-site field visit, assessed the habitat in the project area, compared it to the habitat needs of the sensitive species likely to be found in the area, and provided recommendations for avoiding potential impacts to sensitive species. As part of these clearances, ACS personnel surveyed for the following sensitive species: Chiricahua leopard frog, Pima pineapple cactus, Cochise pincushion cactus, Arizona hedgehog cactus, cactus ferruginous pygmy owl, peregrine falcon, and golden eagle. These projects took place across Arizona including at least one in almost every county. ACS has several biologists available to staff these projects and turn them around quickly.

Preliminary Initial Site Assessments-ACS has completed over 60 PISAs for this on-call contract. A PISA is an abbreviated version of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and is completed by ordering and reviewing a hazardous materials environmental database records report, conducting either a windshield survey or video-log review of the project area, and filling out a short report form which includes a brief summary of the database search and recommendations, if any, for further hazardous materials work.

Roadway Paint and Asbestos-Containing Material Sampling-ACS has completed almost 60 hazardous materials sampling projects for this on-call contract. Most of these projects were emergency or quick-turn-around roadway structure sampling projects and were fielded within a week or two after notice to proceed. ACS has several staff scientists trained to collect these samples and has been working directly with the ADOT Hazardous Materials Manager, Ed Green, to turn these around very quickly and well within ADOT’s scheduling needs.