ACS’ Zachary Rothwell Presented at 2017 Arizona Geographic Information Council Education & Training Symposium

Zachary Rothwell, ACS spatial analyst, presented the results of his Arizona State University Masters of Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems (MAS GIS)  project at the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) Symposium in Prescott, AZ September 20−22. Together with his colleague, Cesar Del Castillo-Horta, his research developed techniques for identifying Brosimum alicastrum, commonly known as the Maya nut or breadnut tree. Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to capture multispectral imagery they were able to map and quantify coverage of the tree near a small village in Jalisco, Mexico. The results of their project were used by local cultivators to develop plans for sustainable extraction of the Maya nut.

A video documenting their work can be viewed here:

Additional information regarding the project can be found in an ESRI story map: