ACS Welcomes Back Keith Scoular, R.G., C.E.M.

ACS Corporate Secretary Keith Scoular has returned to ACS in the role of Consulting Geologist. Keith will provide geological and hazardous materials review for select ACS reports and assist in business development efforts. Keith spent 20 years at ACS working on a variety of different projects including hazardous materials assessments, Aquifer Protection Permits (APPs), and National/Arizona Pollution Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES/NPDES) permits to name just a few. Over the last 10 years, Keith has been actively involved in water education efforts especially related to the Colorado River. Keith has over 40 years’ experience in the environmental field, he holds an M.A. in Geography (physical emphasis) from Arizona State University, he is a Registered Geologist in Arizona, and he is a Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada. Contact Keith at ACS to discuss your project needs.